Mobile foot stand system with an aluminium profile design

16.05.2017 - Moterm II from ROSE Systemtechnik permits better ergonomic workplace design

The Moterm II mobile foot stand system
With Moterm II, enclosure specialist ROSE Systemtechnik presents a new mobile stand system whose integrated height adjustment makes the ergonomic design of an HMI (human-machine interface) workplace even better. This system can be combined with all ROSE control enclosures, and on request the manufacturer can also adapt it to meet customers' individual requirements.

It is not always possible to use a support arm to attach a control enclosure to the machine in an ergonomic way. The Moterm II foot stand system is an alternative which offers variable positioning – for example for set-up operation of a machine tool when the control enclosure needs to be moved close to the work area.

Moterm II has a light aluminium profile design which ensures special mobility on the one hand, and provides the necessary sturdiness on the other. The system is available with a customer-specified height, or alternatively with integrated height adjustment, for especially ergonomic workplace design.

Customer-specific versions ensure the best possible ergonomics

In its fixed-position version, Moterm II is designed for loads of up to 80 kg, and the individual height can be achieved by means of a customer-specific cut-out. The height-adjustable version is divided into five load ranges from 8 to a maximum of 50 kg. In this case, a gas pressure spring provides the necessary load balance for the weight of the control enclosure. Thanks to the profile construction, the foot stand is variable in length and scalable to deal with greater moments.

Additional ergonomic features include foot-operated setting or releasing of the height adjustment, and this allows the operator to keep both hands on the control enclosure.  The tilt angle of the control enclosure can also be adjusted. On request, the manufacturer can use lacquer to highlight components in different colours or to comply with the customer's individual corporate design. Additional adaptations such as a printer shelf can also be provided.