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27.03.2017 - NoVoTronic electronic enclosure in use for real-time video monitoring in buses and trains

AVIrail GmbH

The AVIrail GmbH based in Austria and Germany develops and manufactures standard-compliant real-time video monitoring systems for rail vehicles and buses. The products and systems are specifically designed for the customer’s relevant field of application. Consequently, enclosures and both hardware and software configuration must be capable of project-specific design in order to provide compatibility in vehicles. Certifications such as EN 50155 (Electronic equipment used on rolling stock) ensure that the products and systems satisfy the high requirements.

ROSE’s product offer for the RailEye rear-view mirror system

AVIRail was looking for an enclosure manufacturer for the new RailEye real-time rear-view mirror which can be used as a classic rear-view mirror system and at the same time a door monitoring system. Their desired manufacturer must be able to guarantee protection of sensitive electronics in a highly-demanding environment. In addition to the high-resolution camera system, the evaluation electronics also need to be integrated directly into the rail vehicle. The so-called video link allows intelligent processing of vehicle signals (e.g. door release, direction of travel and speed), so that it can automatically display the required info on the monitor – this provides the driver with the appropriate display of information in form of a full screen, a split or a quad screen. The overall system complies with the SIL 1 standard for safety-critical applications and the fire-protection guidelines for rail vehicles.
The decisive factor for the customer was that the enclosure solution for the system must incorporate a high level of shock and vibration resistance and also EMC protection. As a result, the enclosure for these high-performance electronics must be able to have a power loss of 5W at an ambient temperature of -20°C to +85°C.

Because of the high requirements which occur in safety-relevant areas of application, the system must be certified according to the following standards: EN 50155 (electronic equipment used on rolling stock), EN 50232-3-2 (electromagnetic compatibility), EN 61373 (vibration and shock testing) and EN 45545 (fire protection) and CE. All components must comply with these standards.

With its NoVoTronic enclosure series, ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH offers AVIrail GmbH a reliable product which meets all the listed requirements. The high-quality aluminium alloy enables the operation in demanding environments. NoVoTronic series products pass all shock and vibration test mandatory. The cast aluminium cover with its neoprene seal guarantees ingress protection IP 65 acc. to EN 60529 and the usage in a temperature range of -40°C to +90°C, this exceeds the required 85°C for this application. Integrated guide grooves provide easy insertion of PCBs into the enclosure. External screw channels allow the interior to remain free of burr, and the sensitive electronics are protected. With little processing work, ROSE offers its customers an EMC compliant version of the enclosure.

The product range consists of 5 profile widths from 80 to 200 mm (internal dimension) and 3 different lengths in the standard programme. The profile technology makes it possible to create a large number of additional sizes which match the customer’s individual needs. With its modern design and classic RAL 9005 colour, the NoVoTronic enclosure is especially suitable visibly displayed situations. Implementation of an in-house CI concept is not a problem for ROSE. Both the enclosure and the designer slide-in strips can be coated with a certified powder acc. to EN 45545 (Fire protection standard) in all available RAL colours.

A comprehensive programme of accessories, which includes a wall fitting or connection elements, completes the range of products for the NoVoTronic series.