Ex Equipment

Ex Equipment

Special safety guidelines become relevant that prescribe the use of Ex tested components apply to all potentially explosive atmospheres. For this purpose, the ATEX directive applies within the EU and regulates the safe operation of plants and systems in potentially explosive areas.
In other countries and continents, other safety guidelines apply in this area (IECEx, TR-TS, NEC, etc.) – often these are derivations of the European ATEX legislation. 

In Europe, all these guidelines are summarised in the standard EN 60079 for the electrical components.
This defines different protection concepts which – depending on the electrical requirements – will all enable equally safe solutions.

Ex enclosures made of aluminium, polyester and stainless steel as well as control stations and other Ex equipment offer reliable basic protection for electrical distributors used in potentially explosive areas. The application range of the products is categorised in zone 1 and 2 for gas explosion protection, and in zone 21 and 22 for dust explosion protection. For different applications, different protection concepts will be available:
  • Ex-e increased safety
  • Ex-i intrinsic safety
  • Ex-d flameproof enclosure

Typical application ranges include:
  • Chemical and petrochemical industry
  • Process industry
  • Lacquer-processing industry
  • Mining
  • Silo installation